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Small Business Startup

The startup process to open your small business can be an overwhelming task. There are so many things to think about and prepare for. There is business planning, setting a budget, business type, accounting, sales and customer service training, hiring employees and setting, and achieving goals. All of these are part of the small business startup process that Yes Sir Promotions and  Consulting can help you with. We can help dramatically increase the odds of being rewarded with a healthy balanced small business.

Yes Sir Promotions and Consulting will take you by the hand and walk you through all of the phases of a successful small business startup venture.

Small business startup package:


  • Business licensing
  • Business structure (Corporation, LLC, Sole Proprietor, etc.)
  • Tax ID
  • Bank account set up
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Sales/customer service strategies
  • Marketing strategies
  • Monthly follow up for the first year

Let Yes Sir Promotions and Consulting be your small business startup consultant partner.

Small Business Consulting

Sometimes as a small business owner it is hard to see the small things that can be affecting your business. As a small business consulting firm in Arizona our years of experience allow us to quickly identify and act upon areas needing improvement. No one expects you to know everything. By hiring Yes Sir Promotions and Consulting, you can discover profit draining issues or be coached on the process of how to correct the issues yourself. 

Yes Sir Promotions and Consulting has a wealth of resources for your small business. We provide you with one on one training in areas such as:

Small Business Consulting 
Business Planning
Employee Recruiting
Accounting Consulting 
Sales Consulting 
Customer Service Consulting
Web Development Consulting
SEO Consulting
Personal Development
Meeting Facilitation
Goal Setting

We have 60 years of business knowledge in the service and retail industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to simplify your business. Although there are many resources out there, many are quite complicated and require many hours of reading time and require a lot of trial and error.

Our goal is to provide you with this information in an effective, economical way that can be applied to your specific business.

Sales Consulting

Nothing happens in any organization until a sale is made. Over the last decade creating sales opportunities has become more complicated because consumers have become more educated through the use of technology. Fortunately, Yes Sir Promotions and Consulting can help with all of your sales coaching and sales consulting needs. 

At Yes Sir Promotions and Consulting, sales are a passion of ours. We can help you define your sales strategies, help you with sales planning, help you target your perfect prospect, and help you implement the processes. We will help your sales get to the next level. 

At Yes Sir Promotions and Consulting we stay up to date with selling trends. The market keeps changing and so do the buying habits of consumers. We will help you take advantage of the latest sales trends and buying habits of the consumer. 

Sales Consulting: We will look at your current sales processes such as; client definition, prospecting, presentation, and closing techniques. Once we understand your process, we will help you build a solid sales strategy to help improve your sales flow as well as increase the number of sales you close. 

Sales Coaching: This is a one on one, side by side process where we will spend the day with you. After each sales presentation we will discuss what you did right and what things you could improve on. This way you can apply the recommendations on the next sales presentation. 

Sales Training: Not familiar with sales concepts and processes. No problem!  Yes Sir Promotions and Consulting will be happy to train you and your staff how to sell in the real world. Our proven sales techniques will be delivered to you in person via a PowerPoint presentation that will give you and your sales force the information and sales skills you need to begin impacting your bottom line immediately.


Finding the right employees for your business and retaining them is hard work and can easily keep you from other everyday duties that demand your attention. It can be enough to wear you down. At Yes Sir Promotions and  Consulting we have developed a way to not only find you the right people but we will coach you on how to retain your best employees. 

At Yes Sir Promotions and Consulting we will:

  • Consult with you to find out what you are looking for specifically in an employee.
  • Interview your current staff to find out what it takes to be an employee in your environment.
  • Help you create job descriptions and duties.
  • Post your job on all of the major employment sites.
  • Weed through the resumes with our proven process to find the best matches.
  • Call previous employers and referrals.
  • We will do an initial phone interview to ensure that who we are sending you is top notch so you don’t waste your time.
  • We will guide you through the final interview process.

Goal Setting

Quite possibly one of the most important aspects of a successful business is the ability to set and achieve goals that not only inspire growth in the business, but also to help keep employees focused. Let us show you how to set achievable goals and how to better use them to take your business to the next level. 

A goal without a plan is merely a wish. 

Let Yes Sir Promotions and Consulting guide you through the process of setting achievable goals over small periods of time to keep you and your business on track. You obviously had big wishes for your business or you wouldn’t be reading this. Let us help you turn those wishes into goals and those goals into reality.

Custom Services

Whatever your business needs are, Yes Sir Promotions and Consulting wants to be your resource center. Let us act as your administrative department or project manager.

Yes Sir Promotions and Consulting can help you with: 

Business planning 
Web development 
Web aesthetics 
Social media 
Product display 
QuickBooks setup 

Although we may not handle everything directly, we can help you through the process. Whether you use one of our growing list of trusted affiliates or you use your own, let us help ease the burden and keep you focused on the things that help increase your profitability.