Melinda Cofield

January 9, 2017 By 0 Comments

We would like to present to some and introduce you others. One of the most talented entrepreneurs from the Sun City Of EL Paso,  TX. Melinda Cofield. Her many styles speak for themselves. Her unique ability to transform an idea to fit anyones personality. Which brings about a priceless art in any form. Is what makes her work, in her craft second to none.

As a child, I sketched fashions and cut and pasted clothing from magazines together creating new looks. Both my mother and father were artists so my expression was encouraged but I was also told art cannot pay the bills. In addition, my father was a brilliant, hard working entrepreneur with unlimited potential and limited success. My mother studied art but became an elementary teacher in order to support the family. I decided that I would put my dreams away to study mathematics and education in order to find a steady career.

Four years ago, my own daughter started modeling and I frequently had to style her for casting calls and shoots. I said to myself, I can do this. I always had it in me but I finally decided to let my creativity flow about four years ago. At first, I was exclusively a children’s wear designer. Now I design for both men and women. Abby Calla Style is an attitude. The look is fun, fresh, playful but with equal amounts retro and modern with a twist of punk. I enjoy using pattern combinations and fabric cuts to showcase what I want to emphasize. When I style, people mention that they would have never thought it would work or go together. So I guess I like the element of surprise.
One of the most difficult and challenging roles of being lead designer and creative director is I never have enough time for my ideas. I do all this in my spare time when I am not teaching mathematics. Geometry and art really do influence my designs. As of late, I an really trying to publish my designs to get showcased outside of El Paso. Last year, I was published 4 times throughout the year in various fashion magazines. This year, I will be published in April for a shoot we just completed this December.

None of this is really easy for me. I am self taught and still have a lot to learn. One advantage has been I can learn and teach myself easily and at a fast pace. I do not intend on going to school for fashion because I figured if I can design for fashion week and get myself published, I can keep going. If I had the means to travel and go back to school and support my family I would consider going to school.

o Virtuous Fashion Show 2014 featured designer at El Paso Black Hair Expo
o El Paso Fashion Week featured designer 2014 and 2015 (showed 15-20 looks)
o Fashion Remix Winter 2014 Design Competition
o Styled for Dani Diamond Photography Workshop El Paso 2015
o Indigo Electric Fashion Show 2015
o Fashion Remix Spring Edition 2015 Design Competition Winner
o Fashion Remix Summer Edition 2015 featured Finale designer
o Lustrous 1 and 2 Fashion Shows featured designer April 2015 and November 2015
o Obscurae Magazine October 2015 feature called Taste the Rainbow
o Vintage Affair Winter Edition December 2015 feature Mod Love
o Obscurae Magazine May 2016 Volume 26 Issue 1 feature Arrested in Space
o Obscurae Magazine June 2016 Volume 26 Issue 2 feature Gestault

Goals to transition out of teaching and go full time as a stylist/costume designer
• To be hired as a costumer for movies and commercials
• To become a regular fashion editorial contributor in your magazine
• Get hired as a paid stylist for your publication