Yes Sir Promotions is the nations premier veteran owned and operated marketing and entertainment company!

“How We See It…” 

Everything you expect from a “Premier“ Organization”

“We are Professional & Military Grade! Providing the upmost quality work, results, and service.”

Military Grade?

Yes, Our team is composed primarily of prior military… So our approach is one you’d expect from true professionals.

We choose to serve our business communities…

From planning to execution, we take the same thorough approach we would in the field, with your brand and business.

“What are the 4 P’s of Promotion?”


What does the customer want from the product Plan/service?

What needs does it satisfy?

What features does it have to meet these needs?

Are there any features you’ve missed out?

Are you including costly features that the customer won’t actually use?

How and where will the customer use it?

What does it look like? How will customers experience it?

What size(s), color(s), and so on, should it be?

What is it to be called?

How is it branded?

How is it differentiated versus your competitors?

What is the most it can cost to provide, and still be sold sufficiently profitably? (See also Price)


Where do buyers look for your product or service?

If they look in a store, what kind? A specialist boutique or in a supermarket, or both? Or online? Or direct, via a catalog?

How can you access the right distribution channels?

Do you need to use a sales force? Or attend trade fairs? Or make online submissions? Or send samples to catalog companies?

What do your competitors  do, and how can you learn from that and/or differentiate?


What is the value of the product or service to the buyer?

Are there established price points  for products or services in this area?

Is the customer price sensitive? Will a small decrease in price gain you extra market share? Or will a small increase be indiscernible, and so gain you extra profit margin?

What discounts should be offered to trade customers, or to other specific segments  of your market?

How will your price compare with your competitors?


Where and when can you get your marketing messages to your target market?

Will you reach your audience by advertising online, in the press, or on TV, or radio, or on billboards? By using direct marketing mailshot? Through PR? On the Internet?

When is the best time to promote? Is there seasonality in the market? Are there any wider environmental issues that suggest or dictate the timing of your market launch, or the timing of subsequent promotions?

How do your competitors do their promotions? And how does that influence your choice of promotional activity?

We focus strongly on the D.M.C. of small to medium sized business D= Design M= Marketing & C= Consulting

Consultants take the time to make sure your goals are heard and put together a plan that will help you achieve those goals. Our design team makes sure that your customers see what you want them to see with a look and feel that is very inviting. Marketing is going to make sure everything is very visible and accessible to your current and potential clients.

Our goal is to always offer top of the line quality, with an emphasis on listening to our clients and exceeding their expectations, meeting the need without taxing the means. Competitive in price, quality and standards! Never to be out done!

Large Firm quality… small firm prices!

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