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EntertainmentJanuary 6, 20230

‘Emily in Paris’ makeup artist spills French-girl beauty secrets

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In Season 3 of “Emily in Paris,” Lily Collins’ Emily is back with a bang.

The titular marketing maven starts the season by cutting her own “trauma bangs” — a rosé-fueled choice that also sparked a shift in her makeup looks for the new episodes.

“For Season 3, we wanted to have a big change,” head makeup artist Aurélie Payen tells Page Six Style of switching up Emily Cooper’s (Lily Collins) look to “work around” her new ‘do.”

“[Emily] is maybe a little bit more mature in terms of herself … and I wanted to have a little bit more sophisticated makeup for her.”

But while Collins didn’t actually take scissors to her own hair in real life, she did play a role in Emily’s beauty looks, which included lipstick just as bold as her signature outré outfits.

Lily Collins, Camille Razat and Ashley Park filming "Emily in Paris"
Payen’s process includes face massages and hydrating skincare, which make makeup application “easier,” she says.

Lily Colins in a purple tulle dress with a flower-printed corset
She also collaborated with the show’s costume and hair teams to perfect the full look.


Lily Collins with red lipstick and a printed blazer
Red lips are “really suited” to Collins’ Emily, says Payen.

Lily Collins filming an "Emily in Paris" party scene in a zebra-print dress
Collins’ Audrey Hepburn-inspired updo and brown lipstick was another one of Payen’s favorite looks.


“I really work closely with Lily and her hairstylist,” says Payen, who plays a “little game” with the star to ensure they’re on the same page about products for scenes.

“I already know the [shade] I want to have … but I say, ‘OK, Lily, choose the one you want.’ And each time she chooses the same as mine.”

In addition to collaborating with Collins, Payen also drew inspiration from several silver-screen stars of another era; some of Emily’s styles “make a nod to Audrey Hepburn,” she says, while Camille’s (Camille Razat’s) eyeliner references Brigitte Bardot.

Lily Collins, Camille Razat and Ashley Park filming "Emily in Paris"
Payen created countless beauty looks for the season, telling us each time we see a character in a new outfit, she’s “changed the makeup and the hair as well.”

Sylvie in a plunging black dress in "Emily in Paris"
She factors in which stars are sharing screen time — especially important for scenes like Sylvie and Madeline’s accidental twinning moment, for which they couldn’t both sport “heavy makeup” looks.


Ashley Park in a magenta dress on "Emily in Paris"
Ashley Park’s character, Mindy, embraces bolder looks.

Camille in a white coat with black polka dots
“The eyeliner, to me, is Brigitte Bardot,” Payan says of Camille’s eye looks.


“I wanted to have an identity for each of the [characters],” says the makeup expert. “Some of them I wanted them to be more American glam, and some of them I wanted to be more [of a] French makeup look.”

Camille and Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu), for instance, embody the latter aesthetic — a “fresh” style with more minimal foundation, “less contouring and more blush” — while Mindy (Ashley Park) wears more sparkles and contouring.

“[Emily is] like a bridge in between; she’s very French in the way she wears makeup, but she still has really bold, strong lips, which is more American,” says Payen.

As for how to get that French-girl glam look yourself? Unlike the resolution to this season’s cliffhangers, Payen’s beauty secrets won’t remain a mystery. Read on for a breakdown of her top tips and on-set essentials.

Start with skincare

A pink face mist bottle

“I really pay a lot of attention to the skin,” says Payen, whose go-tos on set included the CurrentBody LED Light Therapy Mask ($380) — which also makes an appearance in Episode 1 of the season — and Payot face mist, which she “really loves using” for prep, touch-ups and post-makeup removal.

Payot Gentle Toning Mist ($23)

Let your blush do double duty

A pink blush

“If you want to have the French-girl look, working with a lot of blush [will] give glow,” says Payen. “You can also put some blush on the nose as well to give that little sunshine [look] on your face.”

Chanel No. 1 de Chanel Lip and Cheek Balm ($45)

Mix foundation with concealer

Foundation from Giorgio Armani

“I don’t like heavy makeup, so I really want to work with foundation that I can mix with concealer and apply with little touches,” says Payen, whose team uses a range of foundations, including Armani’s light formula.

Armani Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Foundation ($45)

Swipe on some mascara

A lancôme mascara tube and wand

Payen “really loves” Lancôme’s Hypnôse formula, which she used on Lily Collins’ lush lashes this season.

Lancôme Hypnôse Volumizing Mascara ($33)

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