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EntertainmentJanuary 2, 20230

Lisa Hochstein reacts to Lenny’s girlfriend ‘liking’ photos

Lisa Hochstein isn’t beating around the bush when it comes to the behavior of Lenny Hochstein’s girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa.

A “Real Housewives of Miami” fan account on Instagram pointed out that Mazepa had “liked” Lenny’s 2021 holiday photo featuring Lisa and the estranged spouses’ two kids.

“It appears that side piece has been lurking for a while… 🤨🧐 hmmmm… suspicious,” the account captioned the photo.

The Bravolebrity saw the post and not only re-shared it to her Instagram Story but also added her observations in the comments section.

“There’s so many more this person has liked for over 2 years on both of our accounts,” she wrote, notably not referring to Mazepa by name. “She was also following until a few months ago.”

A screenshot of Lisa Hochstein's Instagram comment about Katharina Mazepa.
The “Real Housewives of Miami” star called out the model for engaging with her and Lenny’s content at least a year before their divorce.

When reached for comment by Page Six, Mazepa told us that she and Lisa followed each other because they were in the “same social circle.”

“I don’t think liking a picture she was tagged in years ago is all that crazy,” Mazepa said. “Personally I don’t remember liking or commenting on her page.

“I find it much more shocking that she would create fake Instagram accounts to threaten and defame me, using them to cyberstalk me and comment under her own posts to hype herself up,” Mazepa added, referring to her previous interview with us during which she explained that Lisa admitted to creating several Instagram accounts to troll her.

Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein
The self-proclaimed “boob god” filed for divorce from Lisa in May.

Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein
The self-proclaimed “boob god” filed for divorce from Lisa in May.


In the interview, Mazepa claimed in addition to cyberbullying, Lisa allegedly spread lies about Mazepa’s immigration status, committed “stalking acts” and admitted that she wanted Mazepa to get “dragged.”

“The fact of the matter is, the judge found on the record that she had committed those acts, but felt that Lisa was ‘a woman scorned’ and as such under some limited caselaw, it should be expected for a woman scorned to retaliate,” Mazepa alleged at the time.

Katharina Mazepa
Lenny and Mazepa, seen here, have not concealed their romance.

As Lisa’s divorce from Lenny plays out on the Peacock series, the “Housewife,” 40, has been calling out Mazepa, 27, and shading Lenny, 56, publicly. In a New Year’s Eve Instagram post, Lisa not-so-cryptically wrote, “Happy New Years to everyone except……….. #2023.”

And just last week, Lisa shared footage of herself confronting the plastic surgeon and his girlfriend at a nightclub in Miami over Mother’s Day weekend.

katharina mazepa and lenny hochstein holding hands
Mazepa and Hochstein have continued to hit back at Lisa’s claims.
Fred Montana / SplashNews.com

In the headline-making video, Lisa can be seen approaching Lenny as Mazepa stares directly into the camera and licks her lips seductively.

Because the club is so loud, all that can be heard is the self-proclaimed “boob god” asking, “What are you doing, Lisa?”

Page Six broke the news of the club “showdown,” which took place during Formula 1’s 2022 Miami Grand Prix, and it immediately prompted speculation that the Hochsteins were calling it quits on their 12-year marriage.

Although Lenny initially denied splitting up his family, he admitted the following week that he would be divorcing Lisa.

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