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EntertainmentFebruary 18, 20230

Simu Liu slams Asian fan comparison at NBA All-Star game

Simu Liu did not like being compared to an Asian fan during a “celebrity look-a-like” segment at the NBA’s Celebrity All-Star game on Friday night.

“I had a great time but this wasn’t cool,” the “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” star, 33, tweeted in response to a side-by-side photo of him and the fan displayed on a jumbotron.

People on social media were also quick to criticize the look-a-like choice.

“‘Let’s pick random Asian dude’ smdh,” tweeted one fan, while another wrote, “This is so bad in many ways.”

A snap of Simu Liu and a fan on the jumbotron.
“I had a great time but this wasn’t cool,” he tweeted Friday.
Twitter/Simu Liu

A screenshot of Simu Liu's tweet.
Liu was compared to an Asian fan during the game.
Twitter/Simu Liu


A third explained why the shoutout was problematic, noting, “The issue here is that they have no similar characteristics other than being Asian. Usually when they do this bit, there’s SOMETHING to connect. Haircut, beard, build, something. This is literally just playing into the ‘all Asians look alike’ stereotype.”

After the backlash started to mount, Liu again took to Twitter to clarify his initial tweet, placing the blame on the cameraperson and not the NBA.

Simu Liu playing basketball.
Fans called out the problematic comparison on Twitter.
Getty Images

Simu Liu playing basketball.
“‘Let’s pick random Asian dude’ smdh,” tweeted one fan.
Getty Images


Simu Liu playing basketball.
Liu clarified that he was not upset at the league but the person behind the camera.
AFP via Getty Images


“to be perfectly clear the entire org and ops team surrounding all-star have been nothing but absolutely stellar to myself and all my friends,” the “One True Loves” actor tweeted on Saturday.

“this was just one person with a camera. and no disrespect to my man in the videotron either! he’s gorgeous we just don’t look alike.”

Page Six has reached out the actor’s reps and the NBA for comment, but did not immediately hear back in time for publication.

On Friday evening, Liu and Team Dwyane [Wade] took home the victory against Ryan Smith’s star-studded team.

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